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Why Am I In Property Management? A Property Managers Perspective.

As we all know it takes money to live, and for most of us, that income comes from working a job. Some of us have jobs we love, some have jobs that they are just ok with and then there are some that just hate their jobs. For me personally, I love my job. It is more than a job it is a passion of mine. Most people at some point in their lives have rented a place to live. Whether it was an apartment, a duplex, a condo, a mobile home or a single family home the majority of the population will have found themselves as a Tenant at some point in their life. For me, I was a Tenant for about 10 years before I became a homeowner. I lived in various places and learned first hand the challenges that can face someone as a renter. Do you have children? Do you have pets? Is an apartment or a house best for my family? But the one thing I learned through each place I lived was the importance of customer service and feeling like I mattered, that I was more than just an occupied property to them. So I have made it my priority in this job to always try and go the extra mile, to always treat people with dignity and respect, for each Tenant to know that their needs are important. I want to bring that personal level of customer service to each and every person. Because we are Coldwell Banker Pryor Realty Property Management - the company that cares with an added personal touch.

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